SOCKS proxy with OpenSSH (instead of port forwarding)

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You’ve probably used port forwarding available in OpenSSH to securely forward selected ports to selected hosts.

What if you wanted to securely push i.e. all web traffic from your PC/laptop through some other server running?

OpenSSH and its SOCKS capability to the rescue!

Simply run this on your PC/laptop:

ssh -D 10800 -N -C -v remote_ssh_server


-D 10800 - SOCKS server started by OpenSSH, will listen on port 10800 on localhost
-N - do not execute any command, leaves ssh process in foreground
-C - compress all traffic
-v - be verbose

Then, set your browser (or some other program) to use a SOCKS proxy at, port 10800, and all traffic will flow through your server.

If you have any command line programs which don’t support SOCKS natively, you can use torsocks tool.