Acer accepting Windows tax refund

Getting a laptop without Windows is really problematic. How about getting a refund for a Windows system you’re not going to use? I've tried asking Acer, and it’s no easy task (it’s technically possible, but will cost you more than a refund you get, since you have to pay shipping costs yourself, both ways).

thank you for your support request.

The Acer Aspire One 751 is only avaliable with a Microsoft Windows licence.

As a matter of principle the return of your licence is possible. The following criteria have to be met:

1.) The licence agreements, which appeared when you first started the system, MUSTN'T be accepted.

2.) The item has to be sent in to our Service Center including all accessoires and equipement. If you already created recovery discs it is utmost important that these will also be sent in with the item. No copy of the former deliverred operating system is allowed to remain in your property / hands.

3.) The ACER service is then going to remove the Windows lincence plate and will erase the whole harddisc.

4.) You then will receive a refund (by bank transfer) for the preinstalled OEM licence (about 30 Euro) .

5.) You have to pay the shipping cost to the acer service center and the shipping costs back to your address.

If you wish to return the licence we need the serial number of your notebook, your contact details including the shipping address and your bank details.

We will then provide you with a reference number with which the item can be dispatched to our Service Center.

Please follow the instructions below before dispatching the item:

  • Please note the reference number clearly visible on the outer package / cardboard box.
  • If possible pack the item in the original packaging or use another package that is safe for transport.
  • Please note that ACER will not accept items that arrive being dispatched "freight collect".

ACER Computer GmbH
Repair Center
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22926 Ahrenburg

If you have any further questions regarding this topic please do not delete the previous correspondence.

Best regards
C. Riecken

Your ACER support team