Troubleshooting AL Lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup Error – Fixing The 1 Device Not Closed Issue

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot and fix the AL Lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup error, which indicates that one device was not closed properly. This issue is commonly encountered in applications that rely on the OpenAL library for audio processing.

Table of Contents

Understanding the Error

The AL Lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup error occurs when an application fails to close an audio device properly before shutting down. This can lead to resource leaks and potential instability in the application. The error message typically looks like this:

AL lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup: 1 device not closed

The number in the message indicates how many devices were not closed. In this example, it shows that one device was not closed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix the Error

Follow these steps to fix the AL Lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup error:

Step 1: Identify the Device

First, identify the device that was not closed. You can do this by looking for the alcOpenDevice() function call in your code. This function is used to open an audio device for use with OpenAL.

ALCdevice* device = alcOpenDevice(NULL);

Step 2: Close the Device

After identifying the device, ensure that it is closed properly before the application exits. You can do this by calling the alcCloseDevice() function and passing the device pointer as an argument.


Make sure that the alcCloseDevice() function is called in the appropriate section of your code, such as in a cleanup or shutdown routine.

Step 3: Test the Application

Finally, recompile your application and test it to ensure that the AL Lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup error no longer occurs.


Q: What is OpenAL?

A: OpenAL (Open Audio Library) is a cross-platform audio API that provides a simple interface for rendering multi-channel three-dimensional positional audio. It is primarily used in gaming and multimedia applications. Learn more about OpenAL.

Q: What are the common causes of the AL Lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup error?

A: The most common cause of the AL Lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup error is improper management of audio devices in your code, such as forgetting to close a device before the application exits or not handling device closure properly during error handling.

Q: Can I ignore the AL Lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup error?

A: While the error might not cause immediate issues, it is not recommended to ignore it, as it may lead to resource leaks and instability in your application. It is best to fix the error by properly closing the audio device(s) in your code.

Q: How can I prevent the AL Lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup error in the future?

A: To prevent the AL Lib: (EE) ALC_Cleanup error in the future, make sure that you always close audio devices properly before your application exits or when they are no longer needed. Pay close attention to error handling routines and ensure that devices are closed even if an error occurs.

A: Some other common OpenAL errors include issues with creating audio contexts, buffer underruns, and invalid enumeration errors. To troubleshoot and fix these issues, refer to the OpenAL documentation and OpenAL Soft's GitHub repository.

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