How to Find MSP-FET430UIF on Your Computer's COM Port - Comprehensive Guide


The MSP-FET430UIF is a Microsoft-specific emulator used to program and debug Texas Instruments microcontrollers. It is commonly used in TI's robots, remotes, and user interfaces. In order to function, you must be able to locate the MSP-FET430UIF on your PC's COM port. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to do just that.

Configuring Your System

In order to find the MSP-FET430UIF on your computer's COM port, make sure you have the proper drivers installed for the device. Once the drivers are installed and your system is up to date, navigate to the device manager. Here, you should see the MSP-FET430UIF listed in the port section.

Locate the COM Port

Once the MSP-FET430UIF is added to the device manager, you can locate the COM port. To begin, open the command prompt on your PC by typing CMD in the search bar. Once the CMD window is open, type MODE and look for the line that says COMx: where x is the number associated with the COM port.

Configuring TI Graphing Tools

The MSP-FET430UIF can also be used in conjunction with Texas Instruments graphing tools such as Code Composer Studio (CCS). To configure the tools to use the MSP-FET430UIF, open CCS and navigate to the debugging tab. At the bottom of the tab, select “debug probes.” Here, you will see a dropdown with the associated COM port from which you have to select the MSP-FET430UIF emulator as the default debugging tool.


Q1: Where can I find the MSP-FET430UIF drivers?

A1: The MSP-FET430UIF drivers can be found here.

Q2: How can I configure the graphing tools to use the MSP-FET430UIF?

A2: To configure the graphing tools, open CCS and navigate to the debug tab. Select debug probes and you will see a dropdown with the associated COM port. Select the MSP-FET430UIF as the default debugging tool.

Q3: Is the MSP-FET430UIF compatible with Windows?

A3:Yes, the MSP-FET430UIF is compatible with Windows versions 7 and up.

Q4: How do I access the device manager?

A4: You can access the device manager by typing “Device Manager” in the Windows search bar or by going to the Control Panel, selecting Hardware and Sound, and then clicking on Device Manager.

Q5: How do I open the command prompt on my PC?

A5: You can open the command prompt on your PC by typing CMD in the search bar. you will then be able to type in specific commands.

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