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initrd.tar.bz2 - an example initrd directory (compressed with tar+bz2)
size: 1791933 bytes
md5sum: 4eabeb845d991333f60979dd61d5cd2c

For your convenience, an image that will boot a diskless PC remotely (PXE / tftp + Open-iSCSI). It contains an integrated kernel 2.6.18 (with needed modules from Xen-unstable) and initrd, but should tftp-boot every Linux distro into a Xen-enabled host. Note: it was made for Celeron, and will not necessarily work with every machine.

vmlinuz-2.6.18-xen-mbootpack - integrated kernel + initrd image (uncompress with bzip2)
size: 5948938 bytes
md5sum: 651a50d83aa60094a8ac908e9d564829

Boot it with:

You can also find a tutorial on building an initrd for Xen and booting it using gPXE at sporadicblogging.wordpress.com.Last modified on 10 August 2016, at 00:42

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