Troubleshooting Eclipse C++ Launch Failure: Binary Not Found

If you've tried to launch an Eclipse C++ project and encountered an error message stating that there is no binary found, it can be frustrating not knowing the root cause or the next steps. In this document, we will provide information and steps to troubleshoot this problem.


In order for Eclipse to properly launch a C++ program, it needs to have the necessary information to compile and create an executable (*.exe) from the source code. Without this information, you will get an error that simply states "Binary Not Found".

Troubleshooting Steps

Check Compiler Settings - If a compiler is not specified in the project settings, Eclipse will not be able to compile the code and cannot create the executable. To verify the correct compiler settings, right click on your project and select Properties. Then select "C/C++ Build" and make sure that a compiler is specified. You can also make sure that the other settings are correct such as paths, build commands, etc.

Check Build Output messages - You may be able to see errors or hints in the Build Output messages which can give you an idea of what the issue is. It is located in the bottom console window in Eclipse.

Check Program Arguments - If your system is not configured to look for the executable (*.exe) properly in the project folder, then it will not be able to launch the program. To check this, you can select the "arguments" tab in the Run Configuration window and make sure the proper directory is specified for the program to launch from.


Q: What do I do if Eclipse is not detecting a compiler?
A: Make sure to have a compiler already installed and then specify it in the project settings.

Q: What do I do if I'm not seeing any errors or hints in the Build Output messages?
A: You can try to use a different compiler or check path variable settings to ensure the proper file paths are specified. This could help detect the issue if the messages are not providing any clues.

Q: What do I do if program arguments are not specified correctly?
A: Try to specify the proper path to your project directory where the executable (*.exe) should be located.


Eclipse Documentation
Generating an Executable with Eclipse C++

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