Solve the "Expected ')' Before ' ' Token" Error With These Tips

This guide is for developers who are having problems with the common syntax error: Expected ')' Before ' ' Token. This error can be encountered in many programming languages (e.g. JavaScript, C, Java, Python) and can lead to some confusion and frustration. We’ll walk you through the most common causes of this error, and provide the steps to solve it.

Causes of the Error

This error usually occurs due to an incorrect matching of parentheses. One of the most common causes is that an extra parenthesis is used, leading to a syntax error. It is also possible for a closing parenthesis to be missing, or that an opening one is missing. Other causes can include variations of these issues, such as using too many brackets when coding (e.g. using two closing braces for one opening brace).

How to Solve the Error

The steps for solving this error will depend on the language and context in which it appears. However, the following solutions are recommended:

Start by reviewing the code where you’ve noticed the error and check for syntax mistakes such as extra, missing, or improperly placed parentheses.

Read through the code line-by-line or print out a hard copy for review.

If you’re still having difficulty spotting the error, try breaking down the code into smaller blocks to make it easier to scan for errors.

  1. After making the corrections, re-run the code to check that the error has been resolved.


Q: What causes the ”Expected ')' Before ' ' Token” Error?
A: This error is usually caused by incorrectly placed parentheses, such as an extra, missing, or mismatched parenthesis.

Q: How can I check for this error in my code?
A: Reading the code closely, line-by-line or by printing a hard copy can help to find an error like this, such as an extra or missing parenthesis. Breaking down the code into smaller blocks can also help.

Q: How can I fix this error?
A: After finding an extra, missing or mismatched parenthesis, simply remove or add the parenthesis to the code, whichever is applicable in your situation. Then, re-run the code to check that the error has been resolved.


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