Fixing "Failed to Create Agent" Error When NavMesh Is

NavMesh is a powerful tool for game developers and allows them to create expansive, dynamic maps. However, some users may come across a persistent error, “Failed to Create Agent”, when attempting to use NavMesh with the Unity3D game engine. In this article, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to fix this issue.

Step 1: Check Dependencies

The first thing you should do if you encounter a “Failed to Create Agent” error while using NavMesh is to make sure all of the required dependencies are installed and up-to-date. This includes everything listed in Unity3D’s minimum hardware requirements. Another dependency to check is the NavMesh package, which needs to be properly installed in order to access the NavMesh functions.

Step 2: Update Graphics Driver

A template package may not be the only source of the “Failed to Create Agent” issue you’re facing. Some users find that updating their graphics driver (or installing the latest version) solves the problem. The specific steps for doing this depend on your operating system, so make sure to consult your manufacturer’s instructions for the best method.

Step 3: Disable Background Applications

It may also help to disable any programs running in the background. Unity3D is a memory-intensive program and can be easily overwhelmed if there are too many other open applications competing for system resources. You can disable background applications or processes by using a task manager like End Task.

Step 4: Disable V-Sync

Like other programs, Unity3D may experience problems with v-sync enabled. If you have it enabled, you can try disabling v-sync and see if the “Failed to Create Agent” error disappears. To do this, go to the Graphics settings in Unity3D, select the display you wish to configure, and then uncheck the “Enable V-Sync” box.

Step 5: Change NavMesh Settings

If the error persists, you may need to change the NavMesh settings in Unity3D. To do this, go to Edit >Project Settings >NavMesh. Once here, make sure to set the “Agent Radius” and “Agent Height” values appropriately. You can find the appropriate values for your game in the documentation or your development team’s documentation.


What is the most common cause of the “Failed to Create Agent” error?

The most common cause of this error is that the required dependencies for NavMesh are not installed or up-to-date. This can include drivers, the NavMesh package, and Unity3D itself.

What solutions should I try if I’m still experiencing this error?

If you’re still experiencing this error, you can try disabling background applications, updating your graphics driver, disabling v-sync, or changing the NavMesh settings in Unity3D.

Could the “Failed to Create Agent” issue be caused by outdated hardware?

Yes, it’s possible. Make sure to check Unity3D’s minimum hardware requirements to make sure your hardware is compatible.

What applications can I use to disable background programs or processes?

You can use a task manager like End Task to disable background applications or processes.

Where can I find the appropriate values for the “Agent Radius” and “Agent Height” settings?

You can find the appropriate values for your game in the documentation or your development team’s documentation.

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