How to Assign an Array Object to a Field Without Structure


Sometimes, it is necessary to assign an array object to a particular field in a database which does not contain a structured data type. It is possible to do this, but there are some considerations and specific steps that must be taken in order to do so. This guide will help you understand how to assign an array object to a field without a structured data type.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Determine the type of array object you will assign to the field. Common array object types include String, Integer, Float, and Boolean.
  2. Determine the order of the array object. The order of the array will need to match the order of the data in the field. This order will also determine how the data will be read back from the database.
  3. Create an array from the data in the field. This can be done by looping through the data and extracting the necessary values.
  4. Insert the array object into the field. Depending on the database, there may be a specific command necessary for inserting an array object into a field.


Q. Is it possible to convert data from a list into an array?

A. Yes, it is possible to convert a list of data into an array. This should be done with careful consideration, as the order of the data in the array will determine how the data is read back.

Q. Is it possible to overwrite an existing array object?

A. It is possible to overwrite an existing array object. However, you should make sure that the data in the array and the data type of the array are correct prior to overwriting the array object.


Oracle Database Documentation - Arrays

Apache DB Docs - Inserting Arrays into Fields

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