Solving "Google Play Error OR-RWE-03"

Google Play Store is the biggest app store in the world, with over two million apps. Unfortunately, like with any other technology, there may be times when issues arise. One of the most common errors faced by Google Play Store users is the 'OR-RWE-03' error which often happens while downloading or updating apps.

In this guide, we will be discussing the ‘OR-RWE-03’ error in detail and provide step-by-step solutions on how to fix it.

Step-by-step Solution

Clear Cache and Data: The first step to resolve this issue is to clear data and cache from the Google Play Store. To do this, go to your device’s ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Apps & notifications’. Then, find and select ‘Google Play Store’ from the list of installed apps. Tap on ‘Storage & cache’ and then tap on ‘Clear cache’. Confirm the action and wait for it to be completed. Then, tap on ‘Clear data’ and confirm your action.

Restart device: If the issue persists, it is recommended to restart the device to fix this issue.

Check internet connection: Make sure that you have a stable internet connection while downloading or updating apps from Google Play Store. It is also recommended to change the type of connection (example Wi-Fi to Mobile data or Mobile data to Wi-Fi) to resolve the issue.

Check storage space: Ensure that there is enough storage space on your device while downloading or updating apps.

Restart Google Play Store: If none of the solutions discussed above works, then it is recommended to restart the Google Play Store by going to ‘Settings > Apps & notifications’ and find the ‘Google Play Store’ app. Select ‘Force Stop’ and tap ‘Ok’ to confirm. You will then need to launch the Play Store and try downloading or updating the app again.


Q. What is OR-RWE-03 error?

A. The OR-RWE-03 error is an error code produced by Google Play Store when a user encounters issues while downloading or updating an application.

Q. How can I fix the OR-RWE-03 issue?

A. The OR-RWE-03 issue can be fixed by clearing cache and data, restarting the device, checking internet connection, freeing up storage space and restarting the Google Play Store.

Q. Is the OR-RWE-03 error consistent across different devices?

A. Yes, the OR-RWE-03 error is consistent across different devices.

Q. Why do I encounter the OR-RWE-03 error?

A. The OR-RWE-03 error is encountered because of an unstable internet connection, lack of storage space or corrupted cache and data.

Q. Does the OR-RWE-03 error prevent me from downloading or updating any apps?

A. Yes, the OR-RWE-03 error does prevent users from downloading or updating applications from the Google Play Store.


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