Checking C++ Version: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you trying to find out which version of the C++ programming language your system uses? Knowing the C++ version you are running can be highly beneficial for developing applications and software projects. This guide provides a step-by-step solution for discovering which version of C++ you have on your machine.

Step-by-Step Solution

Check Your Operating System

  • Windows
  • If you are running Windows, you can use Compiler Explorer, an online tool, to determine your C++ version.
  • macOS
  • Mac users can download and install Xcode. Xcode includes a C++ compiler and other tools to help you develop C++ projects. You can find out the version of C++ you are running with Terminal.
  • Linux
  • To determine the version of C++ for Linux, you can use the cpp --version command in the terminal.

Check the Version of Your Compiler

  • Visual Studio
  • To determine the version of Visual Studio you have, open the Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt and execute the cl /? command. This will show you the compiler version.
  • g++
  • For g++, you can use the g++ --version command for the same purpose.


What if my Operating System does not appear above?

  • If your Operating System is not listed above, the most universal way to check your C++ version is to use the cpp --version command in the terminal.

What if the version is not the one I expected?

  • If the version you are running is not the one you expected, you can upgrade or downgrade your version of C++ as necessary.

Are there any other useful tools I should know of?

* Yes! [Compiler Explorer]( is a great online tool to help you understand and work with the C++ compiler for your operating system.

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