Step-by-Step Guide to Compile C++ in Atom

Compiling C++ code can be intimidating, especially for developers new to coding. Thankfully, there are tools like the popular Atom text editor that make the process easier. This guide will take you through the necessary steps to get up and running creating and compiling C++ code on Atom.

Step 1: Download and Install Atom

The first step is to download and install Atom, if you haven't already. To do so, go to and scroll down to the ‘Download’ button, click on it and follow the installation instructions.

Step 2: Install the Necessary Packages

To begin writing and compiling C++ code on Atom, you must install and configure some packages.

First, install the platformio-ide-terminal package on Atom. This package provides an Integrated Development Environment terminal for compiling code, running programs and debugging applications.

After the terminal package is successfully installed, open the terminal in Atom with Ctrl + `.

To install the compiler, type pio init -b <board> into the terminal and press enter. This will lead to the download of the required files for the compilation of C++.

Step 3: Writing and Compiling C++ Code

Once the compiler installation process is complete, you’re ready to start writing and  compiling C++ code on Atom.

First, open Atom and click File » New File to create a new file that contains your C++ program.

Then enter your C++ program code into the text editor and save the file.

At the terminal window, type pio run, to compile your code with the newly created file.

Step 4: Debugging

Debugging your C++ code is just as easy as writing and compiling it. Simply type pio debug into the terminal window and press enter. This will allow you to step through your code line-by-line to pinpoint errors, in order to optimize your code.


What are the different types of packages on Atom?

Atom offers various packages, such as syntax highlighting and autocomplete, which can be used to assist in writing and compiling code.

What is the command for compiling C++ on Atom?

To compile C++ code on Atom, the command is pio run.

Can I debug C++ code on Atom?

Yes, you can use the debugger package to go through your C++ code line-by-line. The command for debugging is pio debug.

What other tool can be used to compile C++?

Apart from Atom, C++ can be compiled in a variety of other platforms, such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Code::Blocks.

What are the prerequisites for writing C++ code on Atom?

In order to write C++ code on Atom, you will need to install the platformio-ide-terminal package and the compiler. It is also recommended that you have some prior knowledge of the C++ language.

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