Step-by-Step Guide to Disable Mouse 4 in Chrome:

Table of Contents


Disabling Mouse 4 in Chrome can be an important part of communication with other websites and applications, especially if you use a mouse that has extra buttons. In this guide, we will show you how to disable Mouse 4 in Chrome by updating your Chrome drivers or by going directly into Chrome's settings.

Step 1: Identify your Mouse

Before being able to disable Mouse 4 in Chrome, you need to identify your mouse. To do so, go to Device Manager (on Windows) or System Profiles (on Mac). Find Mice and other pointing devices and locate your mouse. Make sure you have the latest available drivers for your mouse installed in order for Chrome to detect it and disable Mouse 4.

Step 2: Update Chrome Drivers

Once you identify your mouse and make sure you have up-to-date drivers, update your Chrome drivers. You can do so by going to Chrome Settings > Help > About Google Chrome and click the "update" button.

Step 3: Disable Mouse 4 in Chrome

Once your Chrome drivers are up-to-date, launch your Chrome and open menu option Settings > Advanced Settings > Mouse. Then, locate Mouse 4 and disable it by toggling the switch to "off".

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know my driver version?

To find out which driver version you are using, go to Device Manager (on Windows) or System Profiles (on Mac). Find Mice and other pointing devices and locate your mouse. Right-click on your driver and select Properties. Under the General tab, you will be able to find your driver version.

Is it the same steps for Mac?

Yes, the steps are generally the same for both platforms. In Mac, you will need to go to System Profiles instead of Device Manager.

Can I customize my mouse buttons?

Yes! Most mice come with pre-configured buttons, but you can customize them using specific applications, such as Logitech's SetPoint.

Does this guide apply to all versions of Chrome?

Yes! The steps described in this guide will work on any version of Chrome.

How do I access Chrome's advanced settings?

In Chrome, go to Settings > Advanced Settings. You can also type "chrome://settings/advanced" in your address bar and press enter to directly access the advanced settings.

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