Step-by-Step Guide to Do Fractions Easily on TI 83 Calculator

Fractions can be tricky and time-consuming to work with, especially when using a calculator such as a TI 83. Be it for schoolwork or in professional scenarios, knowing how to do fractions on a TI 83 can be a great tool for any math lover. In this guide, you will be provided a step-by-step solution for working with fractions easily, accurately, and quickly on a TI 83 calculator.

Entering Fractions

  1. Press the clear (2nd + 0) button.
  2. Enter the numerator of the fraction.
  3. Press the division key (/).
  4. Enter the denominator of the fraction.
  5. Press the enter (=) key at the end to complete the fraction entry.

Simplifying Fractions

  1. Enter the fraction needed to be simplified using the steps provided above.
  2. Press the ‘math’ (2nd key + Y=) and arrow down to selection the ‘Frac’.
  3. Press enter and the calculator will output the simplified fraction.

Entering Complex Fractions

  1. Enter the fraction, as described in the steps provided above.
  2. Press the parentheses key shown on the bottom right side of your calculator (Open parentheses are denoted with ( and closed parentheses are denoted with )).
  3. Enter your numerator.
  4. Put the closing parentheses right after your numerator.
  5. Enter the division symbol.
  6. Enter the denominator of your fraction.
  7. Press the enter key to view your resulting fraction


What type of calculator is a TI83?

The TI83 is a graphing calculator with a wide range of computing capabilities. It is commonly used by high school and college students for various math-related courses.

What button is used for fractions on a TI83?

The fraction button on a TI83 is the Frac button located in the Math menu. This can be accessed by pressing the 2nd key followed by the Y= key.

Can you do trigonometric functions on a TI83?

Yes, the TI83 is capable of computing trigonometric functions such as sine, cosine, and tangent.

Is the TI83 able to solve equations?

Yes, the TI83 calculator is able to solve equations. It can solve linear, quadratic, polynomial, and other types of equations.

How do I clear my TI83 memory?

To clear your TI83 memory, press the 2nd key followed by the Mem key, then press 5 to select the option “Clear All Memory”. Confirm the operation by pressing enter.

To learn more about TI83 calculators, check out TI 83 Calculator on wikipedia.

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