Step-by-Step Guide to Get Flag Emojis on Samsung Devices

Did you know that you can have flag emojis on your Samsung device? If your device is running Android 7 and up, you can access them easily. Flag emojis can be useful for users who want to show their national pride or emphasize their messages even more. This step-by-step guide will provide you with an easy and straightforward solution so you can access flag emojis right away.


  • Your device must be using Android 7 and up.

Step 1. Enable Regional Emoji on Your Device

In order to get access to flag emojis, you need to enable regional emojis on your device. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Navigate to Settings and open Language and Input.
  2. The next step is to open the Emoji Settings options.
  3. The last step is to enable the Regional Emoji.

Step 2. Look for Flags

Now that you have enabled Regional Emojis, you need to look for flag emojis. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Open your device's Emoji Keyboard.
  2. Look for the Regional Emoji icon. It should be located at the top of the keyboard.
  3. Choose the flag you are looking for.

Step 3. Enter the Flag Emoji

Now that you have found the flag emoji you are looking for, you need to enter it.

  1. Simply tap on the selected flag emoji.
  2. It will be displayed on the screen.


What is a Regional Emoji?

A Regional Emoji is a feature available in your Android device which allows you to find flags from different countries. These flags are called Regional Emojis.

How do I access Regional Emojis?

In order to access Regional Emojis, you need to enable it in the language and input settings. Once the Regional Emojis are enabled, you can then look for the flag emoji you are looking for in the Emoji Keyboard.

What version of Android does Regional Emojis support?

Regional Emojis are supported on Android version 7 and up.

What other types of emojis are available?

Aside from flags, there are also other types of emojis available. For example, you can get access to people emojis, animal emojis, nature emojis, food emojis, and many more.

How can I personalize my emojis?

You can personalize your emojis by tweaking their settings. You can do this by opening the Language and Input settings and navigating to the Emoji Settings options. You can then customize your emojis to your liking.

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