Step-by-Step Guide to Name a Section in OneNote

Are you a Microsoft OneNote user struggling to name your sections? Fear not, organizing your OneNote sections has never been easier. This guide will provide a helpful overview on the easiest way to name a section in OneNote in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Creating a New Section

The first step to naming your OneNote sections is to create a new section. To create a new section, select the plus icon in the left navigation pane as in the image below.

add section in onenote

Step 2: Rename the New Section

Once the new section has been created, the section will be titled “Untitled Section” listed in the left navigation pane. To rename the new section, right-click on the section and select the “Rename Section” option.

After you’ve selected the “Rename Section” option, the following dialogue box will appear. Type in the name of your new section and hit “OK.”

Step 3: Start Taking Notes

Once you’ve created and named your new section, you can start taking notes as you normally would. Take advantage of all of the rich content and media types supported by OneNote. As a OneNote user, you have the advantage of organizing your notes, creating to-do lists, and inserting content from other applications and the web.


How do I group my OneNote section?

Grouping OneNote sections allows you to easily organize notes into categories. To group OneNote sections, open the Home tab in the ribbon and select “Group” from the “Section” group.

How do I create a subpage in OneNote?

To create a subpage, right-click on a page tab and select “New Subpage” from the menu. Subpages are great for organizing related notes and they can be moved to other pages.

How do I open multiple OneNote windows?

You can open multiple OneNote windows at the same time by going to your OneNote settings and selecting the “Allow Multiple Instances” option. This will allow you to view pages from different notebooks at the same time.

How do I delete a OneNote section?

To delete a OneNote section, right-click the section in the navigation pane and select “Delete Section” from the menu.

How do I move a OneNote page to another section?

To move a page to another section, right-click the page tab and select “Move or Copy…” from the menu. Select the notebook and section you’d like to move the page to and click “OK.”

Additional Resources

For more information on using OneNote, check out the OneNote support page.

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