How to See Who Invited Someone to a Facebook Event - Comprehensive Guide

When you're organizing a Facebook event and you want to know who invited a specific friend, Facebook can make it easy to do. In this guide you'll learn how to locate each invite that was sent to a certain person.

Step1: Corral All Your Event Invites

The first step to finding an invite is to collect all the email and Facebook event invites sent out. If you're the one in your organization sending out these invites, this should be simple. If you're not, you'll have to ask someone who is.

Step 2: Inside the Event

Now that you have all the invites, click on the Facebook Event that you sent out. Once inside, under the heading "People who are invited," click the "See All" button. On the resulting page you'll see the people who were invited and, with a bit of detective work, you'll find the invite sent to the person in question.

Step 3: View the Invite

Once you've identified the invite sent to the person in question, click on the name to open the invite. On the resulting page, you'll be able to view the customize message that was sent for the invite and the date it was sent.


How Can I Invite Someone To A Facebook Event?

First, create a Facebook event. Then, open the event, select the “Invite” tab and a list of your Facebook friends and groups will appear. Check the box next to the friends and groups you'd like to invite and click “Send Invites.” Finally, type a personal message to each potential guest in the text box and click “Send Now” to send out the invitations.

How Can I See Who Has RSVP'd To My Facebook Event?

To see who has responded to your event, click on the event page and click the "Invited" tab under the cover photo. A list of the people who were invited and their RSVP status will appear.

What Are The Different RSVP Statuses For Facebook Events?

When an invited guest responds to an event, their name will appear under the “Invited” tab. Each person can respond with one of these statuses: “Going,” “Maybe,” and “Not Going.”

How Can I Invite Non-Facebook Users To My Event?

To invite non-Facebook users, click on the "Invite" tab and enter their email addresses in the "Invite More People" section.

Is There A Limit On How Many People I Can Invite To A Facebook Event?

There isn't a limit on how many people you can invite to a Facebook event. However, keep in mind that if more than 5,000 people respond to your event, Facebook will require you to make certain changes to the event, such as paying for additional staff and services.

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