Step-by-Step Guide to Disable Mouse Buttons 4 & 5 in Google Chrome

Modern mouse hardware comes with more than 3 buttons, such as middle click, side-forward and side-backward buttons. But, in some cases, if you don’t use them too often, it’s beneficial to disable them. Now let’s learn how to do that.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Install Autohotkey

First, you will need to install Autohotkey software. It available for both Windows and MacOS. Autohotkey is a powerful, open source scripting language used to automate keyboard and mouse commands.

2. Write a Script to Disable Mouse Buttons 4 & 5

Now, open notepad and start typing the script below -

; Disable Mouse Button 4 & 5

3. Save the Script with AHK Extension

Once the script has been written, save it as disable-mouse.ahk in a folder of your choice.

4. Double-click the Script to Execute It

Now, double-click the file to execute Autohotkey script. As soon as executed, the script will disable mouse buttons 4 & 5 in Google Chrome.


How to disable Mouse Button 4 & 5 in Chrome?

To disable Mouse Button 4 & 5 in Chrome, you’ll need to install Autohotkey and write a script to disable them. Once the script is created and saved with the AHK extension, double-click the file to execute the script.

How to add custom keyboard shortcuts to a website?

You can add custom keyboard shortcuts to a website using Autohotkey. You can make use of Autohotkey's Hotkey command to define and execute custom keyboard shortcuts on any website.

How to find a keyboard shortcut’s code?

You can find a keyboard shortcut’s code in any of the autohotkey documentation’s. The documentation details almost all the Windows keyboard shortcut codes.

Can I disable my laptop's touchpad or trackpad?

Yes, you can easily disable your laptop's touchpad or trackpad using Autohotkey. You’ll need to use a script like this one -

; This will disable the trackpad
#ifWinActive ahk_class Chrome

Save the script with the AHK extension in a folder and execute it.

Can I disable mouse buttons using Autohotkey?

Yes, you can easily disable mouse buttons using Autohotkey. To disable buttons 4 & 5 you can use the script above. For any other buttons, you can modify the script accordingly.

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