Solving "Subscript Out of Range" Error when Using the Import Spreadsheet Wizard

Are you a developer and have been facing a 'Subscript Out Of Range' error while using the Import Spreadsheet Wizard? Have you been scratching your head trying to figure out the possible causes behind this error? This guide will give you a step-by-step instructions on how to fix this error and prevent it in the future.


Before you dive into the steps to fix this error and prevent it in the future, let us understand the characters and requirements for this error. The characters unique to this error are a Microsoft Excel workbook, and VBA code in the workbook, because of which the error occurs.

Step 1: Review and Update Permissions

Your workbook and VBA code must have proper permissions, as it is essential for getting data from different sources, reading various files, and saving data to an external source. Therefore, it is essential for your project to be reviewed and updated for permissions regularly.

To update and review permissions, use the SecurityWarning.xlam tool provided by Microsoft. Through this tool, you can:

  • Automate the process of reviewing and updating permissions.
  • Automatically provide the settings users need without having to go through complicated configuration.

Step 2: Review Accessibility

Another factor that can cause this error is not having access to the same version of the Excel file. Therefore, ensure that everyone with access to the Excel file has access to the same version. Using a version tracker, you can track which versions of the workbook are being used and by who, and make certain that everyone who is accessing the file has the same version. E.g., Microsoft's Office365 provides a version tracker that automatically tracks changes and versions.

Step 3: Check for Data Corruption

Check if any data in the spreadsheet is damaged or corrupted. To do so, you need to open the spreadsheet, navigate to Data > Check for Errors, and if any errors are returned, run the repair tool. The repair tool can fix a corrupted workbook and enable you to continue with your work.

Step 4: Verify the Code

The fourth step is to make certain that all the code used in the workbook is written in the correct format and without any errors. To verify the code, you may use a visual Basic code debugging tool such as JetBrain's Visual Studio. This program provides you the necessary tools to search and locate syntax errors in VBA code.

Step 5: Test the Code

Once the code is error-free, you must test the code to make sure it performs the necessary tasks. To do so, you can set up a performance test to measure the code's execution time, accuracy and reliability. Tools such as Visual Studio allow you to perform stress testing, code coverage and dynamical code analysis.


What is the Subscript Out of Range Error?

The 'Subscript Out Of Range' error occurs when an incorrect range or series of numbers is entered into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It is an indication that an invalid range has been entered.

How to fix 'Subscript Out Of Range' Error?

The steps to fix 'Subscript Out of Range' error are to review and update permissions, review accessibility, check for data corruption, verify the code, and test the code.

What causes a 'Subscript Out of Range' Error?

The 'Subscript Out of Range' error is usually caused by code errors, data corruptions, invalid ranges, or incompatible versions.

What is the SecurityWarning tool?

The SecurityWarning.xlam tool is software provided by Microsoft that helps to review and update permissions related to Excel Workbook and VBA code.

What is Version Tracker?

Version tracker is a software that helps to track versions of changing project files and allows everyone with access to the same version. Microsoft's Office365 provides a version tracker that automatically tracks changes and versions.


The 'Subscript out of Range' error can be a daunting prospect for developers but the the steps highlighted here will help get you out of trouble quickly and easily. By following the above steps, you can diagnose and fix the issue quickly, preventing any further disruption to your work.

  1. Microsoft Office365 Version Tracker -

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