Fixing a "Connection Reset by Peer: Socket Write Error" IO Error


If your application is making requests to different platforms, then you may come across a "Connection Reset by Peer: Socket Write Error" IO error. This error typically occurs due to incorrect firewall settings or direct disconnection from the server. This error may cause your application to work erratically and eventually crash if the requests continue to fail. In this document, we'll discuss the causes and solutions to this error.


There are several causes of this error:

  • Firewall not allowing the connection: If firewalls are blocking requests, applications will receive this error.
  • TCP level connection error: If the connection is terminated abruptly by the server, then the application will receive this connection error.
  • Incompatible versions of SSL Certificate: If the client and server have a mismatch in the type of SSL certificates, then the application will receive this error
  • Faulty network path: If the request is passed through a faulty network path, then the application will receive this error.


Fortunately, this error has a few solutions.

  • Check and update firewall settings: Ensure the required connections are allowed across the firewall.
  • Check server connection:  Ensure that the server is connected and that the connection is stable.
  • Update SSL certificate versions: Make sure the client and server have the same version of SSL certificates.
  • Replace faulty hardware: Replace any faulty components with working hardware.


Q - What is a "Connection Reset by Peer: Socket Write Error" IO Error?

A -  It is an IO error that occurs when there is a mismatch between the client and server connection settings. It can also happen due to a fault in the communication path between the client and server.

Q - What are the causes of this error?

A - The causes of this error are firewall settings not allowing the connection, TCP level connection errors, incompatible versions of SSL certificates, and a faulty network path.

Q - How can I fix this error?

A - To fix this error, check and update firewall settings, check server connections, update SSL certificate versions, and replace any faulty hardware.

Q - Are there any preventive measures?

A - Yes, there are some preventive measures. Make sure to have a secure connection between the client and server using a secure protocol like HTTPS. Update firewall rules regularly and ensure that the right type and versions of SSL certificates are used.

Q - What if this error continues to occur?

A - If the error continues to occur, contact a system administrator or developer who can investigate and fix the issue.

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