Ultimate Guide: Ensuring Links Have Discernible Names for Better SEO Performance


Learn how to optimize your website's links for better user experience and SEO performance by giving them discernible names. This guide will walk you through the importance of discernible link names, how to create them, and frequently asked questions.

## Why Discernible Link Names Matter

Discernible link names are essential for both SEO performance and user experience. Search engines like Google use link names to understand the content of the linked page, and users rely on them to navigate your website. When links have clear and descriptive names, it allows for:

- Improved search engine rankings
- Enhanced user experience
- Increased click-through rates
- Better accessibility for users with disabilities


## Step-By-Step Guide to Create Discernible Link Names

Follow these steps to create discernible link names on your website:

1. **Avoid generic link names**: Do not use generic names like "click here" or "read more." Instead, use descriptive phrases that accurately describe the linked content.

   - Bad: `For more information on our products, [click here](https://www.example.com/products).`
   - Good: `Learn more about our [wide range of products](https://www.example.com/products).`

2. **Use relevant keywords**: Include relevant keywords in your link names to improve SEO performance. However, avoid keyword stuffing or using unrelated keywords.

   - Bad: `Check out our [best smartphones](https://www.example.com/smartphones) for gaming.`
   - Good: `Explore our [top gaming smartphones](https://www.example.com/gaming-smartphones).`

3. **Keep link names concise**: Long link names can be overwhelming and difficult to read. Aim to keep your link names under 60 characters.

   - Bad: `Discover our [comprehensive collection of winter coats, jackets, and other outerwear](https://www.example.com/winter-outerwear).`
   - Good: `Shop our [winter outerwear collection](https://www.example.com/winter-outerwear).`

4. **Use natural language**: Write your link names as if you were speaking to your users. Avoid jargon and technical terms that users may not understand.

   - Bad: `Learn about our [proprietary data analysis algorithms](https://www.example.com/algorithms).`
   - Good: `Discover how our [advanced data analysis tools](https://www.example.com/data-analysis-tools) can help you.`

5. **Test your link names**: Regularly review and test your link names to ensure they are clear, concise, and accurately represent the linked content. Make necessary changes as your website evolves.


## FAQ

### What is a discernible link name?

A discernible link name is a descriptive, clear, and concise phrase that accurately represents the content of the linked page. It helps users and search engines understand the purpose of the link and improves SEO performance.

### How do discernible link names improve SEO?

Discernible link names help search engines like Google understand the content of the linked page, leading to better indexing and improved search rankings. They also contribute to a better user experience, which is an essential factor in SEO.

### Do discernible link names improve accessibility?

Yes, discernible link names improve accessibility for users with disabilities, such as those using screen readers. Clear and descriptive link names help these users understand the purpose of the link and navigate your website more easily.

### How long should my link names be?

Aim to keep your link names under 60 characters. Longer link names can be overwhelming and difficult to read, while shorter link names may not provide enough information for users and search engines.

### Can I use images as link names?

Yes, you can use images as link names, but make sure to include a descriptive `alt` attribute for the image. This ensures that users with disabilities and search engines can understand the purpose of the link.

## Related Resources

- [Creating Accessible Links](https://webaim.org/techniques/hypertext/)
- [Link Building for SEO: A Complete Guide](https://backlinko.com/link-building)

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