How to Interpret a Stacked Bar Chart - Analyzing Figure 3.35

Stack bar charts are a useful way to compare multiple values within the same category. It represents numerical values as bars, with each bar divided into different sections representing different categories.

Step-by-Step Guide

Read the chart’s title and labels. These will give you an overall understanding of how the data is organized.

Examine the different sections of each bar. The sections are color coded and labeled to show the quantity associated with each category.

Calculate the total of each bar by adding the sections together. This helps you compare the totals of multiple bars.

  1. Observe the trends in the bar chart. Look for patterns or changes in the sections that correspond with the total of the bar.


Q: What is a stacked bar chart?

A: A stacked bar chart is a chart that uses bars to represent different categories, with the length of each bar corresponding to the total value of the categories combined.

Q: How do I compare bars?

A: To compare bars, you can either look at the sections of each bar separately, or calculate the total of each bar and compare those totals.

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