Solving "Microsoft Visual C++ Error 1935"

Are you facing problems with Microsoft Visual C++ Error 1935? Are you unable to resolve it? If yes, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore. In this guide, we will help you fix this annoying error in no time and that too without any technical expertise.


  • Microsoft Visual C++ is installed on your system.
  • The exact version of the error.

How to Fix Microsoft Visual C++ Error 1935?

To fix this annoying error, you just have to follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Check Your C++ Redistributable Files

If the system has outdated or missing Visual C++ Redistributable files, then you will receive error 1935. To check this, navigate to “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Programs and Features”.

Now, look for any outdated or missing Redistributable packages and uninstall them from the system. After that, you should download and install the latest version of Visual C++ from this link.

Step 2: Scan Your System for Malware

Sometimes, the presence of malware on your system can also trigger the Microsoft Visual C++ Error 1935. To get rid of this, you should scan your system thoroughly with a powerful anti-malware tool.

You can also restart your system in Safe Mode to scan and remove any malicious programs or files present.

Step 3: Clean the Windows Registry

The Windows registry stores important configurations related to the operating system, which can get corrupted. If this happens, it can cause the Error 1935 to appear. To clean the registry, install and launch a reliable registry cleaner software on your system.

By doing this, you can resolve corrupt and invalid registry entries, .dll files, ActiveX entries and other program files from your system. This can help to fix the error 1935.

Step 4: Repair Microsoft Office Suite

If you are unable to fix error 1935 even after performing the three steps, you should try repairing your Microsoft Office. To do that, go to the “Start” menu and search for “View Installed Updates”.

Then, locate all Office Suite associated updates, right-click on them and select “Uninstall”. After that, open the Control Panel and install all the default Office options. You can also download the Office Suite from Microsoft’s official website.

These four steps can help to fix the Microsoft Visual C++ Error 1935 in no time.


What is Error 1935?

Error 1935 is an installation error related to Microsoft Visual C++ that prevents you from installing programs on your system.

What causes Error 1935?

Error 1935 can arise due to invalid or corrupt Windows Registry, malware on your system, outdated or missing Visual C++ Redistributables and more.

How can I solve Microsoft Visual C++ Error 1935?

To solve this error, you should check if all Visual C++ Redistributables are available on your system. You can also scan and remove malware and repair or reinstall Microsoft Office.

What should I do if I still get the error after performing the steps?

If you still get the error, you can try cleaning your system registry with a reliable registry cleaner program.

Is a registry cleaner enough to fix Microsoft Visual C++ Error 1935?

Yes, a registry cleaner program can help to fix this error. It can delete all the invalid and corrupt registry entries that are causing the error.

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