How to Fix ModuleNotFoundError: No Module Named 'Transformers'

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If you are seeing a ModuleNotFoundError when running Python code in your environment, and the module being referenced is Transformers, then this document will help provide a step-by-step solution.



This error is caused by Python not being able to locate the Transformers module. This could occur due to incorrect paths, or the module not being installed correctly in the environment.


Using pip to install Transformers is a simple way to fix this error. First, make sure that pip is installed in your current environment. Then, run the following in your command line/terminal:

pip install transformers

This will install the Transformers module in your environment.

Additionally, you can make sure that PYTHONPATH is correctly set. If not, then you may need to update it. You can find more details on how to do this here.


Q: What is a ModuleNotFoundError?

A: A ModuleNotFoundError is an error that occurs in Python when the code is unable to find a particular module.

Q: What causes this error?

A: This error can be caused by incorrect environment settings, incorrect path set up, or not having the module installed.

Q: How do I fix this error?

A: To fix this error, use pip to install the module (i.e. use pip install transformers). Additionally, you may need to make sure that PYTHONPATH is correctly set.

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