Fixing Firefox "Mouse Scroll Wheel" Issues

Are your mouse scroll wheel issues driving you crazy? Don't worry, Firefox has a handy way of fixing these type of glitches. Keep reading to learn more about fixing the mouse scroll wheel issues on Firefox.

What Causes Mouse Issues on Firefox

Several things can cause mouse issues on Firefox, like outdated drivers, a corrupted download, or a hardware issue. In some cases, the problem can be solved easily by reinstalling the mouse driver.

How to Troubleshoot the Firefox Mouse Scroll Wheel

Before you start making changes, check the mouse on another computer or a different browser. If the mouse works, you know the issue is with Firefox. If it doesn't, you may have a hardware issue.

1. Update the Mouse Drivers

The first step in fixing mouse scroll issues on Firefox is to see if the mouse driver is out of date. You can check for the latest version of the driver by visiting the mouse manufacturer's website or the device manager on your computer. To check the device manager, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Device Manager app by searching for “Device Manager” in the Windows search box.
  • Scroll down to “Mice and Other Pointing Devices” and right click the current mouse driver.
  • Select “Update Driver”, then select “Search Automatically for Updated Drivers”
  • Once the update is complete, restart your computer and check whether the mouse scroll wheel issue is fixed

2. Remove and Reinstall Both the Mouse and Firefox

If updating the mouse driver didn't solve the issue, you may want to try removing and reinstalling both the mouse and Firefox.

  • Open the control panel by searching for “control panel” in Windows search box.
  • Under “Hardware and Sound”, select “Uninstall a program”
  • Look for the mouse and Firefox, then click uninstall for each one
  • Once uninstall is complete, restart your computer
  • Download and install both the mouse and Firefox

3. About Software Updates

Finally, be sure to check for any software updates for Firefox that may help fix the mouse scroll wheel issue. Ensure that you have the latest version of Firefox installed by following the steps below:

  • Open Firefox
  • Click on the Menu button (shown as 3 lines in top-right corner)
  • Click on Help and then select About Firefox
  • When the update screen appears, click on Restart to update Firefox


What if I can't find the mouse driver update on the manufacturer's website?

If you can't find the mouse driver update on the manufacturer's website, try searching online for a specific driver. It may take longer, but you will usually find the right driver.

What if my mouse doesn't work on other computers or browsers?

If your mouse doesn't work on other computers or browsers, you may have a hardware issue. If this is the case, you may need to purchase a new mouse or contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

What can I do if Firefox isn't picking up any mouse input?

If Firefox isn't picking up any mouse input, try plugging the mouse into a different USB port and restart the computer. You should also check to see if the mouse is enabled in the Mouse settings.

What if I can't find my mouse in the device manager?

If you can't find your mouse in the device manager, try disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse. If this doesn't work, check the mouse manufacturer's website to make sure your mouse is compatible with your operating system.

What if updating the driver isn't fixing the issue?

If updating the driver doesn't fix the issue, try reinstalling the driver. Alternatively, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling both mouse and Firefox.


In this guide, we have discussed why mouse scroll wheel issue occur and how to fix it in Firefox. By following the steps listed above, you should be able to resolve any mouse scroll wheel issues on Firefox. If you need further help, reach out to Firefox support or the mouse manufacturer.

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