Step-by-step Guide to Configure CTCP as Global Congestion Provider in Windows Netsh Interface?

When using Windows's netsh command-line utility, it's important to configure it correctly in order to take full advantage of its features. Configuring the Windows netsh interface to use CTCP as the global congestion provider can be overwhelming for new users. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up CTCP as your global congestion provider in Windows Netsh.


  1. Windows 10 or later
  2. An active internet connection
  3. Access to a CTCP provider

Step-by-step Guide

Open the command prompt and type netsh to launch the command-line utility.

Once inside the netsh context, type interface ip show config to view your current configuration.

In the output, look for the section that contains the line Traffic Control Provider: [*CTCP here*].

If CTCP is not your current traffic control provider, type netsh int ip set global congestprovider=CTCP.

Enter your CTCP provider information and type Commit to save the settings.

To verify that CTCP is now the global congestion provider, type netsh int ip show config again.

Look for the line that contains the CTCP Provider information.

If the entries have been changed, the new configuration has been successful.


What is CTCP?

CTCP is an acronym for Congestion Tesing Control Protocol. It is a protocol that is used by greater networks to measure congestion on the network.

What is the purpose of configuring CTCP as a global congestion provider?

Configuring CTCP as a global congestion provider helps ensure that network congestion is managed more effectively in order to maximize the network performance.

How can I check to see if CTCP is my global congestion provider?

By using the netsh int ip show config command in the Windows command prompt, you can view the current configuration settings and check to see if CTCP is the global congestion provider.

What is the netsh command?

Netsh is a command-line tool in Windows that allows users to configure and monitor a variety of network settings.

How can I change my global congestion provider?

To change your global congestion provider, use the command netsh int ip set global congestprovider=CTCP in the Windows command prompt. Then, enter the information of your CTCP provider and type Commit to save the settings.

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