How to Use ngx-mat-select-search for Improved Search Results


Searching through large data sets often can be a difficult and time consuming task. Fortunately, ngx-mat-select-search is a library that can help improve search performance when using the angular Material Design library’s mat-select component. ngx-mat-select-search provides an efficient way to filter through large lists of data that can be used for improved search results.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Install the ngx-mat-select-search library from NPM:
npm install ngx-mat-select-search
  1. Import MatSelectSearchModule in app.module.ts:
import {MatSelectSearchModule} from 'ngx-mat-select-search';

 imports: [
export class AppModule { }
  1. Use mat-select-search in your template:
  <mat-select [(value)]="selectedValue" #singleSelect>
    <mat-option *ngFor="let item of items" [value]="item.value">
  <mat-select-search [formControl]="singleSelect.ngControl"></mat-select-search>
  1. Include an input for the mat-select-search:
<input *ngIf="singleSelect.panelOpen" matInput [formControl]="singleSelect.ngControl" [matAutocomplete]="auto" class="search" placeholder="Type here to search...">


Q: Does ngx-mat-select-search require any additional libraries?

A: No, ngx-mat-select-search is independent and does not require any additional libraries.

Q: Does ngx-mat-select-search work on iOS?

A: Yes, ngx-mat-select-search is compatible with iOS devices.

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