Fixing the ORA-04098 Trigger Error: Invalid and Failed Re-Validation

Oracle database triggers are an incredibly useful feature for database administrators. They help them enforce database-level operations and process data changes in an automated fashion, allowing for more efficient database operations.

However, database administrators may encounter ORA-04098 errors when attempting to revalidate triggers. This is a critical error that should be addressed immediately, as it can potentially compromise important database operations and data integrity. The following guide provides actionable steps to diagnose and fix ORA-04098 trigger errors.

Causes of ORA-04098

ORA-04098 errors can be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from corrupted objects to outdated system information. To further diagnose the root-cause of an ORA-04098 error, there are a few important elements to consider:

  • The system and database versions in use,
  • The installed additional packages
  • The current setup of the database
  • Any recent changes made to the database
  • Any recent activity in the database


To resolve this issue and prevent potential data loss, it's important to take the following steps:

  1. Retrieve the full error text for the ORA-04098 error and analyze it.
  2. Ensure that all objects used by the trigger have valid status. If necessary, recompile the involved objects.
  3. Evaluate recent changes to the database (additions, removals, and modifications of triggers, tables and packages) and, if necessary, revert to a recent known-good state.
  4. Delete and restore or recreate the trigger if necessary.


Q: What is an ORA-04098 error?
A: ORA-04098 is a critical error that is triggered when the revalidation of a database trigger fails. This error can potentially compromise important data operations and data integrity if not resolved quickly.

Q: What can cause an ORA-04098 error?
A: ORA-04098 errors can be caused by a variety of factors, such as corrupted objects, outdated system information, and recent changes to the database.

Q: How can I fix an ORA-04098 error?
A: To fix an ORA-04098 error, you'll need to analyze the full error text and make sure all objects used by the trigger have valid status. You'll also need to evaluate changes to the database, delete and restore/recreate the trigger if necessary, and revert to a recent known-good state if necessary.

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