How to Ask a Question & Tag Users on Badges - Comprehensive Guide

Asking questions, or responding to other people's questions, is now easier and faster with the new badges feature in Answers. You can now tag your friends, or other people who you think could help you, as well as add helpful tags to each of your answered questions, making finding answers to relevant queries easier. With this feature, you can easily organize discussions and make it easier to collaborate.

Ask a Question

To ask a question on Answers, enter the main topic in search field on the right side of the page, then click the "Ask Question" button. On the page that appears, enter the full question, then click "Submit".

General Guidelines

  • Questions should be focused and clear.
  • Make sure your question is unique and not a duplicate of another question.
  • Provide relevant tags to your question; this will help other users find your question.

Tag Users

When asking a question or providing an answer on Answers, you can tag one or more people to share the content directly with them. When someone is tagged, their email address automatically receives the content.

To tag someone in a post, type the @ symbol followed by that person's username. You can also tag someone in an answer or comment by typing @username.

Answers to Unanswered Questions

Answers may remain unanswered for a variety of reasons. You can try to answer questions that have gone unanswered by clicking on the "Answer Question" button, then responding to the question in a concise, clear manner.

Helpful Tips

  • Read the entire question before beginning to answer.
  • Make sure your answer addresses the exact question asked.
  • Provide sources or facts to back up your answer.
  • Make sure your answer is concise and relevant.


How do I know if my question has been answered?

When a question has been answered, the question page will display the number of answers and the names of the users who provided them.

Can I delete my question?

Yes, you can delete your question by clicking on the delete button located next to the question.

Can other people edit my questions?

No, unless you have given them permission.

What should I do if I can't find an answer to my question?

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, you can create a new question. Make sure to tag one or more people who might be able to help you with a timely response.

Can I receive a notification when someone answers my question?

Yes, you can receive notifications for questions you have chosen to follow. To choose which questions to follow, click the "Follow Question" button on the right side of the question page.

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