How to Remove a User from the Global Address List in Exchange 2013 - Comprehensive Guide

Microsoft Exchange 2013 is an on-premises system for email, contacts and calendars, similar to other Exchange versions. Sometimes, it's necessary to remove a user from the Global Address List (GAL). This guide will provide you with a step-by-step solution to remove a user from the global address list in Exchange 2013.

Steps to Remove a User from the Global Address List:

  1. Log in to Exchange Admin Center (EAC).
  2. Select recipients > mailboxes.
  3. On the right-hand pane, select the more option, then select Remove from Address List.
  4. The user will be removed from GAL.
  • Microsoft Exchange Admin Center (EAC) URL


1. What are the advantages of removing the user from GAL?

Removing a user from GAL will enable you to control the visibility of the users in the company. It allows you to avoid unwanted external access to information sent within the company. It also prevents potential data breaches, as users are not visible outside the company.

2. What is the limitation of GAL?

GAL can only be used to access contacts, as custom fields and metadata cannot be accessed. It's also limited to only show a certain number of contacts and any additional contacts must be searched manually.

3. How do I know if the user has been removed from GAL successfully?

You can log into the EAC and a list of mailboxes are available. Verify the user has been removed by verifying the list of mailboxes.

4. How can I create a new Global Address List?

To create a new Global Address List, log in to the EAC. Then go to recipients > Address Lists > New. Enter the Name and Alias for the new list and select ‘Global Address List.’ Select ‘OK.’

5. What happens if I don't remove the user from GAL?

If the user is not removed from GAL, the user will continue to be accessible through GAL for external users and their data will be visible to those users. This can lead to potential data breaches and security risks.

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