Running Debian on ASUS WL-500G deluxe:Additional hardware

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USB cameras

Philips pwc webcams

WL-500gP works with Philips webcams using pwc module.

I did transcode a live stream using vlc and it worked fine.


So far, it is not possible to use Broadcom mini-PCI. I tried two alternatives, one of which worked:

prism2_usb USB wireless card

USB wireless cards using prism2_usb module seem to work fine.

My card was identified by lsusb as:

Note that the prism2_usb is not in the mainline Linux kernel and some additional compilation is needed - see

prism54 mini-PCI

I couldn't make this mini-PCI card work with ASUS WL-500gP:

The card throws "Your card/socket may be faulty, or IRQ line too busy" error.

See also this thread on linux-wireless list for more info:

USB ADSL modems

Sagem F@st

Sagem F@st is a USB ADSL modem. It doesn't need any external power source - it is enough to plug its USB cable to your ASUS router.

This USB ADSL modem is very popular in Poland with Neostrada ADSL from Telekomunikacja Polska ISP and is confirmed to work there.

I couldn't make it work in Germany with ADSL from Netcologne.