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Newest kernels

You can get the newest kernels here:

Flash Images for ASUS WL-500g Deluxe openwrt-brcm47xx-2.6-jffs2-64k.trx.bz2 (921600 bytes) - kernel image for ASUS WL-500g Deluxe (uncompress with bzip2; to be flashed via tftp)
md5sum: 0f7bc877dc6f1005f726fae9ef6c4d16

Flash Images for ASUS WL-500g Premium openwrt-brcm47xx-2.6-jffs2-128k.trx.bz2 (1052672 bytes) - kernel image for ASUS WL-500g Premium (uncompress with bzip2; to be flashed via tftp). NOTE! With some models, you have to use the WAN port to upload the image and/or to connect to WL-500g Premium, if the LAN ports won't work (after that, you can reconfigure LAN ports with robocfg).
md5sum: e938d1cde83c58eb51904a1974ac17d2

Flash Images for other boards

all kernel images (12461090 bytes) - all kernel images (for other boards)
md5sum: ae3875f9c62df104faa0498c44a528c6

Kernel modules kernel modules (1243756 bytes) - kernel modules (you need them if you already have your own base system; they are included in Debian base system, below)
md5sum: ee2d6bf356c8b0d58cf46fc94b0bad3a

Debian base system

debian-mipsel-2007-Apr-17.tar.bz2 (51276913 bytes) - Etch, 2007-Apr-17
md5sum: 295b896598d5ecafc850f5567310a289
Please see for a security note.

Kernel / flash image build environment kernel .config file (35013 bytes) - kernel .config
md5sum: f89bad311182c7f05a1ff2cc205c0678

Other tools

robocfg - (19025 bytes) - for configuring vlans
md5sum: bd9a32f3ffad9acbe69dbcb0cddcdd08
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