How to Set the Display Environment Variable and Rerun the Program

This document will show you how to set the display environment variables and how to rerun a program using the same.


Step by Step Process

  1. Open the command prompt or your terminal
  2. Type in set to view the list of environment variables that are already set
  3. Type in set name=value to set an environment variable. In the image below, the format DISPLAY=:0 is used to set the environment variable with the name DISPLAY and the value of :0
  4. Type in echo followed by %name% to view the value you assigned to the environment variable. This is used to diagnose the problem or to see what values are assigned to the environment variable
  5. Once you have set the environment variables, exit the command prompt or your terminal
  6. Now, rerun the same program. The program should now use the environment variables that you just set


Q1: What is a display environment variable?

A display environment variable is a variable that provides information about the way a program displays output on a computer. This can include window size, background and text colors, display resolution, etc.

Q2: Do the environment variables have to be set up every time?

No, the environment variables only have to be set once. Once they have been set, they will be used by the program each time it is run.

Q3: Can environment variable names be changed?

Yes, it is possible to change the names of environment variables as needed. However, be sure to use a unique name since different programs might use the same environment variable name.

Q4: Is it necessary to rerun the program after setting an environment variable?

Yes, it is necessary to rerun the program after setting an environment variable. The program must be rerun for the new environment variable to take effect.

Q5: What types of programs utilize display environment variables?

Programs that involve visual representation such as graphical user interfaces (GUI) often use display environment variables, as do programs that rely on text-based interfaces.

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