Step-by-Step Guide to Sign In to Skype Using Your Private Key in Your Keychain

Private keys are a practice of cryptography used to access secure networks and accounts. In this documentation, we will discuss how to sign in to Skype using your existing private key saved in your keychain. By understanding these steps, you will successfully sign in to Skype using your private key in no time.


  • A private key stored in your keychain
  • Access to Skype
  • A Skype username and password

Step-by-Step Guide

Download Skype on your device, if you haven’t done yet.

In the login page, click on the ‘Sign in with a private key’ link.

Click on the ‘Browse’ button to search for the private key file stored in your keychain.

Select the private key from the list displayed and click ‘Open’ to add this key to Skype.

Provide the password (if asked) for the private key in the ‘Enter password’ field.

Your private key has now been configured in Skype.

Enter your Skype username and password and click ‘Sign In’.

You have now successfully logged in to Skype using your private key in your keychain.


What is a private key?

A private key is a ‘cryptographic key’ used in combination with a public key to encrypt and decrypt data. This key is used to authenticate messages sent between two parties, such as individuals and organizations.

How do I get my private key?

Typically, private keys are generated by a trusted third-party, such as the issuing bank. The bank then sends the private key to the user who can save the private key in the keychain.

How do I know if a private key is valid?

You can check the validity of a private key by encrypting a plain text message with the public key and then use the corresponding private key for decryption. If the decrypted message matches the original message, it is a valid key.

What is a keychain?

A keychain is a secure storage unit used to store the private keys generated by third-party organizations. Typically, the keychain is protected by a master password which is needed to access to stored private keys.

How can I use my private key in Skype?

To use your existing private key in Skype, you can add it to your Skype profile. To do this, open the Skype sign-in page, select the ‘Sign in with your private key’ option, browse for the private key stored in your keychain, enter the key password (if any) and log in to Skype.

This was a simple guide on how to sign in to Skype using your private key in your keychain. We hope you found this documentation helpful. If you still have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

  1. Understanding Public Key Cryptography:

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