Solving "Certificate CN Name" Errors When Matching Value Passes

Certificate CN Name Error is a type of error that occurs when the “common name” value that is entered does not match the domain name entered when buying or renewing an SSL certificate. This type of error can prevent secure communication between a web server and browser.

Causes of Certificate CN Name Errors

Certificate Common Name Errors can occur when the Common Name field incorrectly contains the IP address of the server, instead of the fully qualified domain name. Certificate CN Name Errors can also occur if the customer submitted the wrong FQDN to certificate signing request (CSR).

How to Fix Certificate CN Name Errors

Find the incorrect field. Check the input values for the CSR. It’s likely the customer submitted the wrong FQDN to the CSR or incorrect IP address. It’s also important to make sure the fields are correctly filled out.

Request a new CSR. Generate a new CSR with correct values and forward it to the CA.

Replace the previous CSR. The CA will provide a new certificate based on the new data. Generate a new CSR and private key, then use the "Upload new certificate" feature to upload the new CSR and private key.

  1. Finalize your changes. After the process is complete, finalize your changes by double-checking if all the data is correct.


How do I know if I'm having Certificate CN Name Errors?

If you receive a browser connection error, then it’s likely you are having Certificate Common Name Errors. You can also use an SSL inspection tool to verify if it’s a Certificate CN Name Error.

What happens if I don’t find the incorrect values?

In this case, if you can’t find the incorrect values, then it’s likely the certificate was issued for a different domain or different IP address. You must contact the Certificate Authority and request a new certificate.

Are there any risks involved with fixing Certificate CN Name Errors?

No, as long as you follow the instructions while fixing the errors, then there aren’t any risks involved. It’s important to double-check the changes after you have completed the process, to ensure that everything is correctly setup.

What are the most common causes of Certificate CN Name Errors?

The most common causes of Certificate CN Name Errors are when the incorrect FQDN or IP address is entered in the certificate signing request, or when the SSL certificate is issued to the wrong domain.

When do I need to renew my SSL certificate?

Most SSL certificates need to be renewed every year. Some Certificates Authorities can offer certificates with longer validity periods.

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