Solving "The Task Object Version Is Either Unsupported" Issue

When developing applications around task objects, selecting the right version is important. In some cases, older versions may not be supported and introduce issues. Understanding the versions and their differences can help ensure the application you create works as expected.

Supported versus Unsupported Versions

When working with task objects, the application developer must decide which version they should use. Generally speaking, supported versions are those that are being actively maintained and updated by the object provider. Unsupported versions are those no longer in active development.

For example, if you are developing an application for task object version 6, you should use a version that is still supported. If you develop for an unsupported version-first, you may run into unforeseen issues when the application is released.

Issues with Unsupported Versions

Using an unsupported version can present several challenges. Generally, unsupported versions are no longer maintained by the object provider, so any issues occurring with the version will not be addressed. Additionally, since the version is outdated, it may not contain the latest updates, changes, or feature releases present in the supported versions.

Finally, there may be security risks in using an unsupported version. A newer version may contain additional security updates and enhancements that are not present in the outdated version.

Selecting the Right Version

When developing applications using task objects, it is important to select the right version. Before beginning the development process, determine which version is supported, and stick with that. In some cases, an unsupported version may have advantages, but these should be weighed carefully against any potential issues.


What is the difference between a supported and unsupported task object version?

A supported version is one that is actively maintained by the object provider. An unsupported version is one that is no longer supported and may not receive updates or fixes.

What issues can arise when using an unsupported version?

Using an unsupported version could present several issues, including not having the latest updates, missing features, and potential security risks.

Is it possible to use an unsupported version?

It is possible to use an unsupported version. However, the potential issues outlined above should be considered before doing so.

What is the best way to decide which version to use?

The best way to decide which version to use is to consult the Supported Versions page from the object provider. This should provide a comprehensive list of supported versions.

Does every task object provider have a Supported Versions page?

Most task object providers have a Supported Versions page. If you are unable to find one on the official website, you can contact the provider directly to inquire.

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