Solving "There Was An Error Please Try Again" on Imgur


If you're encountering an error when trying to use Imgur – the online image sharing and hosting platform – there are a few steps you can take to try again and resolve the issue. In this short guide, we'll discuss a few solutions that may help you troubleshoot this issue, as well as common questions associated with it.

Step-By-Step Guide

Refresh the page and try again: If the error occurs while loading a page, try refreshing the page.

Check your internet connection: Make sure your internet connection is working properly. If there's an issue with the connection, try resetting your router or switching between the wireless and wired connections.

Clear your browser cache: A corrupt browser cache can cause errors on some webpages, including Imgur. Try clearing your browser cache and reload the page.

Try a different web browser: If you're still experiencing the error, try using a different web browser.

Contact Imgur support: If the above steps do not solve the issue, contact Imgur's Help Center for further assistance.


What is Imgur?

Imgur is an online image sharing and hosting platform, allowing users to upload images on the Internet and share them with friends, family, and other users. It also allows users to comment, vote, and upload their own images and memes.

Why can't I upload images on Imgur?

There are a few reasons why you may be experiencing errors when trying to upload images on Imgur. These include: your internet connection, a corrupt browser cache, or the browser you're using.

How do I fix common errors on Imgur?

You can try refreshing the page and trying again, checking your internet connection, and clearing your browser cache. You could also try using a different web browser if the error persists.

What should I do if the issue persists?

If the issue persists, contact Imgur's Help Center for further assistance.

How do I contact Imgur's Help Center?

You can contact Imgur's Help Center by visiting their Help Portal or by sending an email to [email protected].

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