Transaction Error. Exception Thrown In Contract Code. (Resolved)

Transaction errors in a blockchain platform, such as Ethereum, occur when a smart contract execution fails. The error message "exception thrown in contract code" indicates that an exception or error was thrown within the smart contract code during its execution, causing the transaction to fail.

To fix this error, you can follow these steps:

  1. Determine the cause: Review the smart contract code and look for potential issues such as missing require() statements, unhandled exceptions, or bugs in the code.
  2. Debug the code: Use a debugger or a development environment to debug the smart contract code and identify the specific line causing the exception to be thrown.
  3. Resolve the issue: Fix the code by addressing the root cause of the exception, such as adding require() statements to handle potential errors or fixing bugs in the code.
  4. Re-deploy: After fixing the code, re-deploy the updated smart contract on the blockchain network and test the transaction again.

Note: The exact steps to fix a transaction error may vary depending on the blockchain platform and development tools being used.,in%20the%20smart%20contract%20itself.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Error

What does this error mean?

The error message indicates that an exception was thrown during the execution of a smart contract. This means that something went wrong during the execution of the contract and it did not complete as expected.

What can cause this error?

The error can be caused by various issues such as bugs in the contract code, insufficient gas, invalid input parameters, and problems with contract dependencies.

How can I fix this error?

To fix this error, you will need to diagnose the root cause of the problem. This may involve reviewing the contract code for bugs, checking input parameters, and ensuring that the contract has sufficient gas to execute.

Can this error be prevented?

To a certain extent, the error can be prevented by thoroughly testing the contract code before deployment, setting appropriate gas limits, and ensuring that all input parameters are valid.

Can I recover from this error?

It depends on the specific circumstances. If the contract state has not been changed, it may be possible to retry the transaction. However, if the contract state has been changed, it may not be possible to recover without taking further action, such as manually fixing the state.

Note: These answers are general and may not apply in all situations. The best way to resolve the error will depend on the specific circumstances.

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