How to Fix Issues with Apps Not Found in .angular-cli.json


If you're developing an Angular application and you're seeing the error "App not found in .angular-cli.json", then this guide is for you. In this guide, we'll provide a detailed step-by-step solution to this issue, as well as some Frequently Asked Questions to help you out along the way.

Step-by-Step Solution

  1. Confirm that the app is missing from 'angular-cli.json' file
  2. If not you can add the app by manually editing the file
  • Open the 'angular-cli.json' file located in the root of your project
  • Add the missing app, along with the appropriate path, to the 'apps' array
  • Save the file and close
  1. If the app is still missing from 'angular-cli.json' then try adding it using the Angular CLI command
  • Open the terminal and navigate to your project's root directory
  • Type ng generate app <name of app> and press Enter


Q: How do I confirm if my app is missing from the 'angular-cli.json' file?
A: Open the 'angular-cli.json' file in the root of your project. The file should contain an array of apps. Make sure your app is listed there.

Q: I'm having issues opening the 'angular-cli.json' file. What am I doing wrong?
A: Make sure the file is open in a text editor, not a web browser. Popular editors include Sublime Text, Atom, Visual Studio Code, etc.

Q: Once I add the missing app, are there any additional steps I need to take?
A: After adding the missing app to the 'angular-cli.json' file, you need to run the command ng serve to make sure the missing app is now visible.

Sources Guide
Angular CLI Reference Guide
Fixing 'App Not Found in .angular-cli.json Error'

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