Solving "Unable To Find Steam_appid.txt And Appid = 0" Error


When users are trying to run and launch a game in Steam, they often encounter an error message with an error code ‘failed to find steam_appid.txt with appid=0’. This error occurs due to various reasons. This guide will help you with fixing this error and get you back playing your game.

Step-by-Step Solution

Step 1: Check the root folder of your game. If you do not find the 'steam_appid.txt' file in it, move on to the next step.

Step 2: In the game's root folder, create a txt file and name it "steam_appid.txt", and save it there.

Step 3: Go to the Steam store page of your game and check the Steam App ID of the game on the page.

Step 4: Open the ‘steam_appid.txt’ file and add the Steam App ID which you have seen in Step 3.

Step 5: Now try to launch the game. It would have worked.

How to find Steam App ID

[Understanding Steam App ID]( Issue/?appid=21790)


What is a steam_appid.txt?

A steam_appid.txt is a text file associated with your game on Steam and it contains the Steam App ID of the game. Without this file and its assigned App ID, Steam won't recognize your game and you won't be able to launch the game.

What does the error ‘failed to find steam_appid.txt with appid=0’ mean?

This error means that the game’s steam_appid.txt is either missing or not assigned with a correct App ID.

How can I fix the error ‘failed to find steam_appid.txt with appid=0’?

You can fix the ‘failed to find steam_appid.txt with appid=0’ error by following the step-by-step instructions mentioned in this guide.

What is a Steam App ID?

A Steam App ID is an unique identifier used to distinguish a game or a software application from other games or software applications in the Steam store. It is a unique number associated with a game or an application.

Where can I find the Steam App ID for my game?

You can find the Steam App ID of your game on the Steam store page of the game.

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