Solving "XBMC Fatal Error: Can't Load sqlite3.dll"

This document is a guide for fixing the XBMC Fatal Error: "Can't Load sqlite3.dll". If you're getting this error message, read on to know the solution to fix it easily.

Essential Requirements

Before we move on to the steps to fix the issue, here's the minimum system requirements that you'll need:

  1. A PC or laptop installed with Windows 7/8/10
  2. The latest version of XBMC application

Step 1: Uninstalling XBMC

The first step is to uninstall or remove the XBMC application from your system. You can either use the built-in Add or Remove Programs feature in Windows Control Panel or use a third-party software called Revo Uninstaller to remove XBMC from your system and clean the leftover from Windows Registry.

Step 2: Reinstalling XBMC

Once the XBMC has been completely uninstalled from your system, you can go ahead and reinstall the application. Make sure you get the latest version of XBMC from the official download page. If you're reinstalling it on a 64-bit system, you'll need to ensure you download the 64-bit version of it.

Step 3: Re-Associating the DLL

Once you've reinstalled the XBMC app, you'll need to re-associate the sqlite3.dll file with the application. This step is needed to resolve the issue. To do that, you'll need to perform following steps:

  1. Go to the installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\XBMC
  2. Right-click on the sqlite3.dll and select Properties
  3. Then click the Change button
  4. Select the xbmc.exe option from the list
  5. Click the OK button

Now, you can go to the Start menu and try opening the XBMC app. You should be able to open the app without getting any error.


1. What is the XBMC Fatal Error?

The XBMC Fatal Error occurs when the sqlite3.dll file is not associated with the XBMC application correctly. It can also occur due to corrupted or missing files.

2. What is sqlite3.dll?

The sqlite3.dll is a library of functions and instructions used by XBMC to support its operations and graphical user interface.

3. Where can I get the latest version of XBMC?

You can download the latest version of XBMC from the official downloads page:

4. How do I check the version of XBMC?

If you want to check the version of the XBMC installed on your system, you can do it by navigating to the XBMC folder and then checking the version information of the xbmc.exe file in the About / Version tab.

5. How can I fix the XBMC Fatal Error without reinstalling the app?

If you don't want to reinstall XBMC, you can try fixing the issue by re-associating the sqlite3.dll with the XBMC application. To do that, go to XBMC folder, right-click on the sqlite3.dll file and select Properties. Then click the Change button, select XBMC.exe, and click OK.

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