Troubleshooting for Invalid Characters in Your GitHub OAuth Token for

If you are receiving an error message containing invalid characters in your GitHub OAuth Token, this guide can help you solve it quickly and easily. OAuth tokens are used to authenticate with GitHub to access repositories, so if there are any errors that keep you from accessing them, the issue needs to be addressed right away.

Step 1 – Viewing Your Token

To begin troubleshooting, you will need to locate your token. You can find your OAuth Token by going to SettingsDeveloper settingsPersonal access tokens in your GitHub account.

Step 2

From there, you can select the token that might contain the invalid characters. Once you have located the token, copy both the token token and the token name into a text editor that can display non-printable characters like Notepad++.

Step 3 - Cleaning up

Once you have the OAuth token ready in the text editor, you will then need to remove any invalid characters. Go through and manually remove any characters that are not normal, such as a checkmark (✔), or any other non-alphanumeric characters. Once you have finished cleaning up the token, save the contents to a file and then paste it in the token field when creating the token in GitHub.


Q: What are invalid characters?

A: Invalid characters are non-alphanumeric characters that do not represent valid input in a GitHub user token. This includes characters such as checkmarks (✔) or other special symbols.

Q: What should I do if I can't find the invalid characters in my token?

A: If you cannot locate the token with the invalid character(s), you may need to regenerate the token by selecting the token you are troubleshooting and clicking the “Generate New Token” button.

Q: How do I ensure that I don't get invalid characters in the future?

A: It's best to use a text editor such as Notepad++ that can view and save non-printable characters when inputting or editing your tokens. Doing this will help reduce the chance of getting any invalid characters in your token.


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