Fix 'zsh: command not found: nodemon' Error: Step-by-step Guide to Resolve this Issue


If you're a developer working with Node.js, you may have come across the error `zsh: command not found: nodemon`. This error occurs when the zsh shell cannot find the nodemon command in its path. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to resolve this issue and get nodemon up and running.

## Table of Contents

1. [Prerequisites](#prerequisites)
2. [Step 1: Check if nodemon is installed](#step-1-check-if-nodemon-is-installed)
3. [Step 2: Install nodemon globally](#step-2-install-nodemon-globally)
4. [Step 3: Add nodemon to your PATH](#step-3-add-nodemon-to-your-path)
5. [Step 4: Restart your terminal](#step-4-restart-your-terminal)
6. [FAQs](#faqs)

## Prerequisites

To follow this guide, you should have the following installed on your system:

- Node.js: [Download and install Node.js](
- npm (Node Package Manager): npm comes bundled with Node.js

## Step 1: Check if nodemon is installed

Before we proceed, let's first check if nodemon is installed on your system. Open your terminal and run the following command:

$ nodemon -v

If nodemon is installed, you will see the version number. If not, you will see the error zsh: command not found: nodemon.

Step 2: Install nodemon globally

To install nodemon globally, run the following command:

$ npm install -g nodemon

This command will install nodemon and make it accessible from any directory in your system.

Step 3: Add nodemon to your PATH

If you still encounter the error after installing nodemon globally, you need to add nodemon to your PATH. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Find the path where nodemon is installed by running the following command:
$ npm config get prefix

This command will return the path where global npm packages are installed. Take note of the path.

  1. Open your .zshrc file in your favorite text editor:
$ nano ~/.zshrc
  1. Add the following line at the end of the file, replacing YOUR_NPM_PATH with the path obtained in step 1:
  1. Save and close the .zshrc file.

Step 4: Restart your terminal

Restart your terminal for the changes to take effect. You should now be able to use nodemon without encountering the error.


1. What is nodemon?

Nodemon is a utility that automatically restarts your Node.js application when code changes are detected. It simplifies the development process by eliminating the need to manually restart the server every time you make changes to your code. Learn more about nodemon.

2. Can I use nodemon with other shells besides zsh?

Yes, nodemon can be used with other shells like Bash, Fish, and PowerShell. The process of resolving the command not found error may be slightly different for each shell, but the general steps remain the same.

3. Can I use nodemon with other programming languages?

Nodemon was primarily designed for Node.js applications, but it can also be used with other programming languages by specifying the language extension and the command to run. Learn how to use nodemon with other languages.

4. How can I configure nodemon for my project?

You can configure nodemon by creating a nodemon.json file in your project's root directory. This file allows you to specify various options, like the files to watch, the command to run, and the delay before restarting the server. Learn more about configuring nodemon.

5. Can I use nodemon with Docker?

Yes, nodemon can be used with Docker to automatically restart your application inside a Docker container when code changes are detected. Learn how to use nodemon with Docker.

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