How to Sort Songs Alphabetically on an Android Music Player

Whether you keep your tunes in Google Play Music, Amazon Music, or a different streaming service, it can be frustrating when you can't sort your songs alphabetically when playing them on an Android Music Player. Fortunately, it just takes a few simple steps to do so.

Let's look at how to organize your Android Music Player you'll be jamming to alphabetically sorted music in no time.

Step 1: Open Your Music Player

First, open up your music player on your Android device. On most versions of the Android OS, this can be found in the Setup Menu.

Step 2: Tap on the Three-Dot Icon

Once you’ve opened your music player, you’ll need to tap on the three-dot icon (generally located in the upper right corner of your screen). This will open up a dropdown menu.

Step 3: Sort Your Music

Once the dropdown menu appears, you’ll need to select the “Sort By” option. When you do this, a small box containing all of your sorting options will appear on the screen. Select the option to sort by “Song Name (A-Z)”.

Step 4: Enjoy Alphabetically Sorted Music

That’s all it takes. Once you’ve completed these steps, your music should be sorted alphabetically. Now you can enjoy listening to your tunes without needing to fumble through them.


Q: What Android Music Player do I need?

A: You can use any Android Music Player to easily sort your music alphabetically. Popular Android Music Player options include Google Play Music and Amazon Music.

Q: Can I sort music alphabetically on an iPhone?

A: Yes. To sort music alphabetically on an iPhone, open the Music app and select Songs. Then, tap on the "Sort" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. From there you can choose to sort music by name, artist, composer, or album.

Q: Can I sort my music by genre?

A: Yes. Many music players have an option to sort music by genre. Open your music player and select the "Sort By" option. Then select the "Genre" option. Your music should be listed according to genre.

Q: Does sorting my music alphabetically cost anything?

A: No. Sorting your music alphabetically doesn’t cost anything beyond what you’ve already paid for the streaming service or platform that you are using.

Q: What if I have multiple versions of a song?

A: Each version of the song will appear in alphabetical order. You can differentiate between versions and remixes by looking at the artist or album name.

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