What is Email Search Engine? 6 Best Email Search Engine Tools

Email search engine is a tool that helps you identify who owns a specific email address. This information can be beneficial in many situations, from sales to eCommerce marketing and even security. In this article, we'll explain how email search engines work, as well as recommend some of the best tools for finding out who owns an email address online.

Email Search Engine

Email search engine is a tool that searches emails. It can be used to find email addresses of potential customers, employees, vendors, or competitors.

Search engines can be very powerful tools for finding information. They are also very useful in searching emails. A search engine can be used to find email addresses of potential customers, employees, vendors, or competitors.

What is Email Search Engine?

An email search engine is a tool that can be used to find the email addresses of people who are relevant to your business. It can be used to find the email addresses of prospects, customers, and partners.

It’s a quick way for you to reach out to more people without having to manually keep track of their contact information in your CRM or database.

There are many email search engines available on the web. Some of them are free, while others have a paid subscription model.

How does an Email Search Engine Work?

An email search engine tool analyzes email metadata to find new leads. This is exactly the same as using a regular email client or browser like Gmail, except that the search engine will provide you with more information about your contacts and their emails.

Let's take a look at some examples of how an email search engine can be used:

  • To find new contacts who don't have websites: You might want to use this if you're looking for some new clients. You can enter keywords into the search field, like "consumer", or "baby products", and see which people come up through their emails. This is especially useful if you're selling products or services targeted toward consumers who don't have websites (like eBay sellers).
  • To find emails of people who DO have websites: If your business targets companies that already have a website, then this could help you discover new leads as well! Most businesses don't realize how easy it is for someone else to find them on Google if they just type in their name (and maybe add "-email"). But there are ways around this problem...

5 Best Email Search Engine Tools

This email search engine is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool that provides access to millions of emails from public records and other public databases. Lusha allows you to find email addresses and contact information for anyone on the internet, as well as their social media profiles and even the companies they work for. You can also use the tool to see if an email address is valid, find out who owns an email address, or verify an existing contact’s information.

Lusha has a free plan with limited features but also offers paid subscriptions that provide additional features like expanded searching capabilities, unlimited searches per month at $49 per month or by annual subscription ($99/year) plus many more options depending on your business needs.

Lusha is one of the first platforms to offer a free version with limited features, which makes it a great option for small businesses. The company also offers paid plans that allow you to unlock additional features like unlimited searches per month at $49 per month or by annual subscription ($99/year).

1. Lusha

Lusha is a powerful email search engine that can find email addresses of your prospects. It's one of the best solutions to search through emails and find out if they are active or not. The tool allows you to search for specific companies, domains, or people and then filter them based on the requirements you have specified. For example, if you want to look for some specific company's employees, just type in the company name and Lusha will automatically filter out all other results for you.

Additionally, Lusha also provides other useful features like reports on how many times an email has been used by others (in case someone else has already sent an email from it), as well as suggestions about what kind of content should be sent when sending an email campaign (based on previous campaigns).

2. AeroLeads

You can search through contacts with AeroLeads, a powerful email prospecting tool. It allows you to search and filter your contacts, export them into CSV files for easy manipulation in other programs, and use their free plan to do unlimited searches. If you need more, there are premium plans with features like custom fields and email scheduling.

3. Hunter

Hunter is one of the best email search engines that can be used to find emails in popular platforms like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. It’s free to use and you don’t even need to register yourself on this app. Hunter also allows its users to check their own email accounts without signing up for a membership or paying anything.

This tool is easy-to-use and doesn’t take much time in completing the tasks assigned by its users. Moreover, it doesn’t require any special skill set from its customers as well so even beginners can easily make use of it without any hassle at all!

4. Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is a tool that helps you find email addresses based on name and company. This is helpful for sales, marketing, and customer support teams that want to send personalized emails to customers but aren't sure exactly what their contact information is.

Clearbit Connect allows you to import your LinkedIn contacts into an email list as well as see the companies that they work at. You can also manually type in an email address if you have one specific person in mind.

5. Anymail Finder

Anymail finder is a free email search engine tool. It can be used to find email addresses of businesses and individuals.

The tool is easy to use and can be accessed from any web browser on your computer or smartphone device. It has a robust search engine that can find emails of any length, which makes it very efficient in retrieving results for you within seconds of searching through its database. You do not have to install anything on your computer since the website does not require any software for accessing it, allowing users with different devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones access their emails without hassle via mobile browsers like Chrome or Safari.

6. Emailsearch: Email Search Engine


emailsearch.io is a simple email search engine that finds any email from linkedin. It has clear and easy layout and chrome extension that shows the personal address. There are lots of competitive advantages on emailsearch like having unlimited plans available and providing personal email addresses.

Use the best email search engine to generate leads and grow business

An email search engine is a powerful tool to find emails of your potential customers. It helps you grow your business by finding leads and generating sales leads. The best email finding tools are easy-to-use, cost-effective and save time and effort. They give you access to contact information, which can be used for building client relationships, increasing brand awareness and improving revenue generation.

It's a great way to expand your business as it's cost-effective compared to other marketing methods such as advertising or cold calling.


Email search engine is a powerful tool that can help you find more leads and grow your business. There are many email search engine tools available in the market, but we recommend Lusha as the best email search engine to generate leads. It has a great user interface and allows you to track all of your emails automatically. Also, it comes with an advanced feature called “Lusha Intelligence” which allows users to create custom filters based on their criteria (e.g., location or industry).

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