Fixing "git remote rejected pre-receive hook declined" Error

This guide is directed at developers who are experiencing the git remote rejected pre-receive hook declined error when attempting to push a branch to a remote repository.'


Developers often encounter this error when one or more of their commits is rejected by the remote server. In particular, if their commits are rejected by a pre-receive hook process, then this error may appear. In most cases, this error is accompanied by a detailed message outlining the reason why the push was rejected.


Most commonly, this error occurs when code is pushed which does not meet the required criteria as specified by the pre-receive hook. Pre-receive hooks are scripts which are executed by the remote server each time a branch is pushed. These scripts typically perform checks on the code; if the code does not meet the criteria set out in the script, then the commits may be rejected.


There are a few potential solutions for this error:

Review the pre-receive hook documentation: many projects which make use of pre-receive hooks also provide detailed documentation about the criteria which commits must meet. By reviewing this documentation, developers should be able to determine what is required for their commit to be accepted by the remote server.

Check out the rejected commits: by checking out the branch which has been rejected, developers should be able to see which files have been changed, and determine whether or not the changes meet the pre-receive hook requirements.

Talk to the remote admin: if developers are unsure why their commits have been rejected, they should talk to the remote admin or server owner who should be able to give them more insight into why their push was declined.


Q: What is a pre-receive hook?

A: A pre-receive hook is a script which is executed by the remote repository when a branch is pushed to it. It is typically used to perform checks on the code being pushed; if the commits do not meet the criteria set out in the hook, then they may be rejected.

Q: What information should I check if I get this error?

A: If you get this error, you should review the pre-receive hook documentation to determine what criteria commits must meet; check out the rejected commits to determine whether you have met the criteria; and talk to the remote admin for further insight into why your push was declined.


If you have encountered the git remote rejected pre-receive hook declined error when attempting to push a branch to a remote repository, then this guide may have been useful to you. By following the above steps, you should now be able to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

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