Step-by-Step Guide to Add On-Hold Music on Android in 2019

Gone are the days when we had to put up with the typical boring on-hold music. Now, you have the option to spruce up the experience of your Android device by adding some creative and interesting on-hold music. It’s actually quite easy to set up, and only takes a few steps. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Get a Music Player

First, you’ll need to get a music player that you’re comfortable with. There are many available on the Google Play Store, but some popular options are Poweramp and N7Player.  Whichever player you choose, make sure it can support “onscreen” playback.

Step 2: Select Your Music

Once you have installed your music player, you can select which songs or pieces of music that you want on hold. Choose something that is a good length, appropriate for your callers, and something you can stand listening to a million times.

Step 3: Set Up the Music in Settings

On your phone, go to Settings and look for Sound. From there, select the Volume menu. Select Call and then On-hold music. Select your media player and the music you chose.

You can set the music to either repeat or play once through, depending on your preference.  Then, save your settings and you’re all set!


What is On-hold music?

On-hold music is a type of music that plays when someone is waiting on the line, for example during a phone call. It typically plays in a loop, and can help make the wait much more bearable.

What types of music are available?

It really depends on the music player that you chose. Some music players allow you to access a wide range of music from different platforms, such as YouTube or SoundCloud. Other music players may just allow you to access music that’s already on your device.

Can I customize the music for different callers?

Yes. Some music players have the option to customize the music for different callers. You can assign different music to different people, or even set up different “playlists” of music.

What if I don’t have a music player?

If you don’t have a music player, you can always download one from the Google Play Store. There are multiple players available, some of which are free while some are paid. Make sure that whichever player you download has the option to “play onscreen”.

Do I need an internet connection for this?

Not necessarily. The music that you choose can either be from an online source, or from music that you already have on your device.

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