Invalid Use of Template-Name Without An Argument List (Resolved)

"Invalid Use of Template-Name Without An Argument List" is an error message that is generated by the C++ compiler. It indicates that a template has been used without providing the template argument(s) that are required for the compiler to generate a concrete class or function.

In C++, templates are a way to define classes or functions that can work with any type. The template is a blueprint, and the template argument(s) are used to specify the specific type(s) that the blueprint should be instantiated with. When the template is used, the compiler will generate a new class or function, with the specified types filled in where the template arguments are used in the template

How can I fix Invalid Use of Template-Name Without An Argument List ?

To fix this error, you will need to provide the necessary template argument(s) when you use the template. For example, consider a template class called "MyTemplate" that takes a single template argument:

template <typename T>
class MyTemplate { ... };

If you try to create an object of this class without providing the template argument like this:

MyTemplate myObject; 

The Compiler will generate an error message "Invalid Use of Template-Name Without An Argument List" because it doesn't know what type to use for T.

Instead, you must provide the template argument, like this:

MyTemplate<int> myObject;

In this case, the template argument is "int".

Do I Have to Provide The Same Argument to The Template Every Time It is Used?

No, you can provide different template argument(s) every time a template is used.
Continue with providing the correct argument will make the error go away and the code will be compiled successfully. The template argument can be a type, like int or double, or it can be a non-type value, like a constant or a pointer.

It's important to note that the error message "Invalid Use of Template-Name Without An Argument List" occurs only when the template is used, not when it is defined. So, if you see this error message, it means that somewhere in your code, you are using a template without providing the required template argument(s). It is also possible to have different template arguments for different instantiation, like in this case:

MyTemplate<int> myObject1;
MyTemplate<double> myObject2;

Here the template is instantiated with int and double and the compiler will create a new class for both the cases.

It's also important to make sure that the template definition and its usage are in the same scope, because otherwise the compiler wouldn't be able to find the template definition.

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