Solving "libmtp Error: Could Not Send Object Info"

Are you a developer and trying to fix the error libmtp Error: Could Not Send Object Info? Don't worry! We have got you covered! This post will provide you a step-by-step guide to fix this issue and is also SEO friendly.

Listed below are the solutions you'll need to follow to fix the error:

Step 1: Kill the libmtp Process

The first step to fixing the libmtp error is to kill the libmtp process that is causing the issue. The libmtp process can be easily killed using the kill command in the terminal.

Here are the exact steps you need to follow:

  1. Open the terminal on your system.
  2. Execute the following command:
kill -9 `pgrep libmtp`
  1. The process should now be killed and the error should now be resolved.

Step 2: Update Your System's Drivers

The next step to resolving the libmtp error is by updating your system's drivers. This can be done by installing the latest version of the device drivers from the manufacturer's website and then running it on your system.

To update your drivers, here's what you need to do:

  1. Visit the manufacturer's website.
  2. Look for the latest version of the drivers released.
  3. Download the drivers and install it on your system.
  4. Once the installation is complete, restart your machine.
  5. Your drivers should be successfully updated and the libmtp error should now be resolved.


Q1. What is the libmtp Error?

A1. The libmtp Error is an error caused by the libmtp process on your system. This error generally occurs when the process is not running properly and can cause issues with sending object information.

Q2.How can I fix this error?

A2. The best way to fix this error is to kill the libmtp process that is causing the issue and then update your system's drivers from the manufacturer's website.

Q3. Can I avoid this error in the future?

A3. Yes, you can avoid this error in the future by regularly checking for updates for your system's drivers and ensuring that all the appropriate updates are installed.

Q4. What other errors can this process generate?

A4. The libmtp process can generate a variety of errors, such as "Object Information not Sent" and "Connection Error".

Q5. Is this error only due to the libmtp process?

A5. No, the libmtp error can also be caused by other processes running on your system. It is best to check for other processes that may be causing the issue before attempting to fix the libmtp error.


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