How to Take a Screenshot on Android If You're Unable to Capture One -Comprehensive Guide

Taking a screenshot on your mobile device is an essential task on a day-to-day basis, but when you are unable to do so, it can be a headache. Android devices have various version-specific operational differences and technical glitches that sometimes prevent screenshots. But don't worry – there are other ways you can take screenshots on your Android devices, even when you are unable to capture one. In this guide, we will discuss methods on how to take a screenshot on Android if such an issue occurs.


Before we discuss the different ways to take a screenshot on Android, it is important to clarify what exactly is causing the issue. A few prerequisites should be taken into account before attempting any of them.

  • Your device should be working as intended. Ensure all relevant software is up to date.
  • Make sure that your screen displays without any glitches. If there are any strange visual artifacts, force stop the apps and clear your device memory.
  • Test the screenshot feature on other apps or even the desktop interface.
  • Check if the hardware buttons required to capture screenshots are working efficiently.

Method 1: Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the most commonly known tool used to take screenshots on Android devices, and it is especially useful if hardware buttons are not working. By initiating a voice command to your assistant, it can be made to take an automatic screenshot for you and diligently save it on your device’s storage.

To use Google Assistant to take screenshots, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Assistant by using any one of the following methods:
  • Long press your home button, if available
  • Swipe from the bottom of the screen
  • Say “Ok Google”
  1. Once the assistant is open, tap the blue mic icon to call it out and wait for it to respond
  2. State your command “Take a screenshot” to make the assistant take a screenshot of your device

This method should work efficiently with Android versions 4.4 or higher.

Method 2: Third-Party Screen Capture Apps

If you experience issues while attempting to take a screenshot with the above procedure, you can use third-party apps to work around the issue.

Third-party screenshot apps are available on the Google Play Store and allow you to take screenshots directly from its own interface. It doesn't require any voice commands or any hardware buttons, which makes it an adept choice to use.

Method 3: USB/ Miracast

Using USB or Miracast to take a screenshot is the most advanced method to take a screenshot when a voice command or hardware buttons don't work. It is basically the same method used by Windows and macOS computers to take screenshots of their own devices.

To make this work on Android, you should install the Android SDK on your computer, which allows you to interact with your device remotely. Once you connect your device to the computer, you can use the command line application to take screenshots from the device.


What is the most common solution for taking screenshots on Android?

The most common solution is to use Google Assistant to take a screenshot. All you need to do is activate your assistant by long pressing the home button (if available) and say “Take a screenshot” to have your device capture what's on the screen.

What should I do if the hardware buttons are not working?

If the hardware buttons are not working, you can attempt to use a third-party screen capture app from the Google Play Store to take a screenshot. These apps usually allow you to capture screenshots from its own interface, without requiring any hardware buttons.

How can I take a screenshot remotely?

You can take a screenshot remotely via USB or Miracast by using the Android SDK command line. Once you connect the device to the computer, you can use the command line application to take screenshots from the device.

Can I take screenshots with Google Assistant on all Android versions?

The Google Assistant method works on Android version 4.4 or higher.

What should I do if I can't take a screenshot on my device?

If you are unable to take a screenshots on your device, check the steps in the “Prerequisites” section in this guide and ensure that your software and hardware components are up-to-date and in working condition. If the issue still persists, try using alternative methods such as third-party apps or USB/ Miracast connection.


Taking a screenshot on Android devices can be a tricky process and often require a few troubleshooting steps to make it work. However, with the methods outlined in this guide, you should be able to take screenshots even when it is not possible from the operating system's interface.

If you are still having issues, be sure to contact your device technician for further assistance.


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